Hair Stylists


Angie Smith, Owner

Angie has been a hair stylist for as long as she can remember. She started cutting her friends’ hair at the age of twelve and her mother’s hair in high school. She’s been a pro for the last 24 years, which is how old she is – lol, she’s 45! Fresh out of beauty school, Angie owned her first salon in her home town. After relocating to the Saint Louis area many years later, she decided to buy Total Hair Care in High Ridge, MO.

She loves all aspects of the industry and goes above and beyond in all areas. When asked, she literally couldn’t narrow down her favorite thing about the industry – cough cough…styling big hair!

When she’s not at work, you can find her spending time with her family, husband, kids, and grand baby. She’s usually getting crafty (pinterest addict), up in a tree stand in the fall, with a fishin’ pole by a lake in the spring and summer, or taking a vacation or a cruise to relax. She could not be happier with what she does, where she works, or the ladies she works with. She has been blessed with such a great and talented team! Having a salon family has been one of the best blessings, and she thanks God for them every day! Remember – the higher the hair, the closer to God!


Melissa Hawkes

Melissa Hawkes

Hair styling is in Melissa’s bloodline. She comes from a long line of hair stylists and grew up knowing what you need to use in order to tone a level 7 ash. She was a jack-of-all-trades before finally succumbing to the industry and has been slinging hair for eight years now. Melissa has an uncanny way of thinking outside the box and delivering some jaw dropping  colors and styles. Yeah…she’s kind of a big deal.

If she’s not in the hair salon, you can bet she’s at the GW scouring the aisles for the holy grail before someone else finds it. She’s on a first name basis with their staff. She also spends her time making memories with her kids, family, and friends.

Melissa finally found a place to call home at Total Hair Care. She is such a strong person and is always the first to offer a supportive hug – sometimes to the point of being too long and then awkward. She loves being able to come to work and have the creative freedom that she’s always possessed. You can always count on her to break the silence, on the rare occasion that there is silence, by belting out a song or just joking around. Ask her about the giraffe story, it’s a good one. We can’t imagine Total Hair Care without her!



Audrey Riggs

Audrey first found her passion at eight years old by playing “beauty shop” on the weekends – those poor scalped Barbies. She’s come a long way since then and has been behind the chair for over 11 years now. Audrey is fantastic at replicating pictures. She’s been coloring and cutting her own hair since she was 14 and loves having a color challenge or changing a look completely. Audrey has O.C.D. so we can’t touch her stuff; but it helps because she pays close attention to detail.

Audrey is an awesome stylist by day and super mom by night. When not at work, her “mini-me” is the center of her whole world and makes for some pretty funny stories. In her “me time” Audrey likes to be a recluse. She enjoys reading, writing, and watching The Golden Girls. On the rare occasion that she gets out of the house, she’s a shop-a-holic and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Working at Total Hair Care has been a dream come true. Everything happens for a reason! She loves her clients and her salon sisters because they are her family away from home and that’s rare to find. Being a transplant from Ohio, she knows family isn’t always blood and she firmly believes “a hair stylist touches more hearts than hair.”


Shayla Hague

Shayla Hague

Shayla’s passion started in the first grade when she cut her own bangs. They have since grown back and she is far better with her skills now. She has been in the field for 2 1/2 years. Her areas of expertise are hair color transformations and any form of braiding. From solids to purple balayage or braided pigtails to water fall braids in an updo, she loves it all. This girl loves change! You can count on her to keep you guessing on what her hair will look like by your next appointment.

Shayla loves to sleep. If she could get paid to do it, she’d be in heaven. She loves the St. Louis Blues and her dog Ryno. Try to beat this girl at movie trivia, she’ll get you every time.

Shayla loves Total Hair Care because, “All of us are one big family. You won’t find any stuffiness. The stylists and clients all talk and laugh with each other.” Shayla likes to live by the motto “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.” Shayla is like our little sister and we love her dearly.


Beckie Bowlin

Beckie Bowlin

Oh Beckie Bowlin… Beckie worked from job to job trying to find her calling in life before finally fulfilling her dreams of going to cosmetology school. She had two little boys at home and was scared to death, but she did it and finally finished. Eighteen years later, she absolutely loves cutting hair.

Beckie has recently came back to total hair care full time after being a social worker, and we are so happy to have her back. She still runs around like a chicken with her head cut off however. When she’s not running around like a chicken with her head cut off, she’s spending time with her partner in crime Bernie and their five sons. So as you can see, she can throw down on some men’s haircuts. Since there’s an overabundance of testosterone in her home, she can usually be found watching chick flicks and eating her secret ice cream stash.

She’s worked at many different salons, but she can honestly say she loves working at THC. “The ladies I work with are compassionate, loving, and caring human beings. By the way, Melissa always steals my mirror and blow dryer.”



Amy Felders

Amy first discovered her passion for hair at the age of six when she cut a Barbie’s hair to make a Ken doll. Even after she dropped her curling iron on her eyelid in 5th grade, the flame inside her still burned on. Her envy for Farrah Fawcett’s hair led her to beauty school. Fast forward 26 years later, her hair isn’t quite as feathered, but she still loves her profession.

Amy’s signature hairstyles are stacked bobs and Pinterest inspired hairstyles. She’ll even let you use her Pinterest account if you’re stumped! When not behind the chair, Amy can be found spending time with family and friends, camping, staying busy with her kid’s extracurricular activities, and testing her craft skills. To date, she has 52 Pinterest wins and only 7 fails! Amy likes black coffee with vanilla cream two times a day in her minion cup. Don’t speak to her until her coffee is consumed.

Amy owned and operated Salon 225 in Fenton, MO until the flood in December 2015. It was at that time when Angie offered her a chair at Total Hair Care for as long as she needed. It didn’t take long for Amy to call THC home and to decide to stay permanently. She makes an excellent addition to our team! Amy’s motto was “not my circus, not my monkeys”, that is, until she joined the THC circus. Welcome to our new salon sister, Amy!



Nicole Hawkes

Cosmetology is in Nicole’s genes. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t fight it off. She comes from a long bloodline of hair stylists, so her fate was inevitable. She grew up watching her family do haircuts, perms, highlights and nails. It has always been ingrained into her memory and it’s no surprise she soon followed suit. Let me tell you, this girl can do some nails!

Nicole has been a licensed cosmetologist for four years. While working in the beauty retail industry, she also provided cosmetology services for her friends and family at her home. She soon grew tired of doing “kitchen hair” and decided to take a big leap into a hair salon. She loves all things beauty related. A highlight of her job is helping others find the beauty within themselves and assisting them in letting that beauty shine through. She’s most passionate about putting her own spin on beauty and thinking outside the box in regards to hair color, styles, and nails. Don’t let this pretty blonde fool you! Nicole has always had a keen eye for hair color, especially bright colors. She loves to spice people up with a vivid pop of color –  she’s even had rainbow hair herself. More recently, Nicole has been enjoying the new tape in hair extensions trend. This girl is always up for a bright fun challenge!

When not at Total Hair Care, Nicole can be found near any form of water with her giant fur baby, Cabo. Cabo is a Black Lab/German Shepherd mix who loves to swim. She enjoys spending most days fishing, swimming, and enjoying time outdoors at her lakefront house. She enjoys everything outdoors, except mowing the yard. She loves finding all the beauty in nature. A few of Nicole’s favorite pastimes include spending time in her fort while coloring in her adult coloring book, gardening, and brushing up on her makeup and nail art skills – she has mad skills.

Nicole loves that Total Hair Care is a family. Nicole says, “the ladies are so nice and are always ready to have a good laugh together. I’ve learned many skills in such a short time from them. Whether in or outside of work, they are always willing to help each other out. We’re a family, and family sticks together. Ohana means nobody gets left behind!”